Healing Our Heroes

Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Association for Brain Injuries’ Healing Our Heroes program supports our veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqui Freedom by assisting with payments for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) treatments as well as providing lodging for those veterans who will be traveling to Louisville, Colorado For HBOT treatments.

Healing Our Heroes

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How it Works

For veterans coming from out of town, we do have housing available. We have secured a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house a few blocks from the Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Institute. The fully furnished home is within walking distance to historic downtown Louisville.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy addresses the physical symptoms of traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. We understand that, even with relief of the physical symptoms, there exists a psychological need that has to be addressed in order for a more complete healing to occur. Because of this, we have added the opportunity for veterans to recieve counseling through Combat Veterans Helping Combat Veterans, Inc. Veterans who have been accepted into the Healing our Heroes Program may receive counseling while they are undergoing HBOT here in Louisville.

Healing Our Heroes

In December 2013, Sgt. Margaux Mange completed her journey to the South Pole. We are very honored to have been part of her recovery and we are excited she carried us with her on her trip!

Sergeant Mike Alsop suffered a TBI in 2007 following a roadside bomb explosion.  “I was told there would be no treatment available for my brain injury and instead would have to learn ways to cope with it. Since I began HBOT I’ve noticed significant improvements with sleep, memory function, thought process, focus/concentration, mood, temperament and anxiety.”

Army Sergeant Margaux Vair was the second veteran to be helped by the Association. Vair served two tours in Iraq and suffered a series of blast injuries while patrolling as a Military Police. One blast threw her back into the turret and she suffered a traumatic brain injury. She has since had brain surgery and been treated for symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. Vair was a participant in an initial study using hyperbaric oxygen therapy for her TBI, PCS and PTSD. These treatments helped with Vair’s cognitive abilities and it was recommended that she receive a second round of treatments. Vair stated, “Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Association for Brain Injuries was the only nonprofit in the nation that was willing to help me afford these treatments.” Vair has completed her second round of treatments and has been able to discontinue taking her depression medications. “I was taking high doses of Topomax and Cymbalta. I have been able to come off both drugs after this round of treatments”, said Vair.

While rescuing a fellow soldier from a burning vehicle following a blast, Staff Sergeant Jess Seiwert was blown out of a Hummer and knocked unconscious. Medically discharged, he was diagnosed with PTSD and TBI and given off-label prescription drugs to treat these conditions. He became addicted to some of the prescription medications. “The oxygen helped me feel less stressed and to think more clearly. My tour in Iraq was life-altering and this treatment helped me to put my life back together, to be a better father and one day I hope to help other vets with PTSD.”

Army Medic Johnny Carabajal is a decorated Airborne Medic. Only a week into his deployment in Iraq his patrol was hit by an IED, and during the next fifteen months he was exposed to RPGs, landmines, mortar attacks, as well as additional IED’s. “I was referred to RMHABI to receive daily hyperbaric chamber treatments, and within a couple of weeks I noticed that food started to have taste and smell. After a few more treatments my girlfriend noticed that I wasn’t as angry, and I was having fewer outbursts.”

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